The system of this world is designed to favour only the toughest. Just think of it, what does your efforts represents in the world that has more than 7.5billion people?  Being tough I mean those that are resilient mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually. I am referring to men and women who are ready to give life all it takes! Those who are not ready to sacrifice and go extra mile will not travel far in the journey of life. It would not be wrong to say ‘it is survival of the fittest’. Many are under working but confessing and believing to be extra ordinary. If you see anyone doing extra normal either in the academics, music, writing, sporting, or in business; you didn’t even see any reason why they should be succeeding or getting more results, the fact is, try and look inward and you will see the extra efforts that makes the difference in their lives. According to International Labour Organization (ILO), employer can take as much as 45hours per week from an employee, that amounts to 8hours daily. My friend, if you based your financial success on this number ‘45” hours per week, it is a big-time illusion to financial success. Another research of young entrepreneurs founds out, startup entrepreneurs spent an average of 65Hours building their businesses per week. You would be surprised! Running your business takes more energy from the beginning than working for a system. Invest your energy on the important things above those superficial adventures. No one is ahead of you by accident, it is either through legitimate hardworking or through illegitimate hardworking. The only equal resource available to all of us is TIME. How do you invest your time? What do you spend your time on? Who do you give your time? These are prominent questions that beg for answers.




Ayo Faleye

A writer

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