The pen that shapes the thoughts of men is sweeter than salt;

It is that pen that circumcises the minds of readers;

Pen that creates wisdom out of folly;

The pen that probes beliefs and questions the acclaimed;

It’s that pen that raises consciousness through reasoned and well thought arguments;

Maybe I need to thank the discoverers of paper and ink;

These guys made it possible to relate with ancient writers and philosophers

It means we can actually have conversation with history;

We can stay in our gardens but having interactions with Socrates, Aristotle, Shakespeare through their writings;

What a wonderful adventure through the power of pen!

Please on your journey to the world;

Help me buy an ink to inscribe on the papyrus, and transfer it into the hearts of men;

To help in creating elegant calligraphy and timeless poetry;

All possible through the power of a pen that is sweeter than salt.




Ayo Faleye

A writer

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