Gulder Ultimate Search, GUS 1 was produced on the Snake Island in Lagos State. The theme was 'The Legend of Captain Kush' and the Mr. Ezeugo Egwuagwu made history as the first winner of the reality show took home the Star Prize of 3 Million Naira. The host was the popular Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme.

My attention is not primarily on GUS today, but rather the flow and mature audio-visual advert of Gulder that used to come intermitted during GUS broadcast. Let this be clear, I am not a lover of beers, in fact, I can argue that I take 95% WATER as liquid intake. But clearly, I know quality, recognizes authority, credibility, and excellence.

Here is one of the lyrics of Gulder Advert;

Take a blend from the purest of water;

With the finest of herb;

premium barley of the best of its kind;

Extra mature!


The ultimate!

Drink responsibly!

If you watch one of these adverts, you would see message been passed in a clear and unique form, you might not be in agreement with the opinion, but without prejudice you would surely see a display of a quality advert.

I have heard about the making of wines, how complex it’s to go through rocket adventures, or executing complex surgical procedures. Some automobiles and ships manufacturers go to the extent of defining tough and practical quality control measures for their products. It means their market strength, and continual relevance to their market has to do with the quality of their final products.

Human body is like a machine, it has PHYSICAL FEARURES that could represent bolts, fulcrum, etc.; Human MIND is like machine software. The third component is SPIRIT, science recognizes this not and this is one of further components that makes human far better than the best machine made.

I had to make this clarity in order to create background for this post in order to relate with the message clearly, HOW DILLIGENT ARE YOU IN ELIMINATING THE INPURITY IN YOUR LIFE AND MAKES IT A FINEST PRODUCT?

Excellence and growth is not by accident; it comes as a result of DECISION to grow and be excellent.

I will define the word ‘filtration’ as the process of eliminating waste or impurity and bringing out of the finest result of a product or person.

It is about total filtrations of wrong lifestyles!

Filtration of wrong thoughts that weakens the potency of your mind!

Filtration of your life from excess talk, avoidable unproductive chats!

Filtration of non-productive relationship or friendship!

Let this be clear, GULDER targeted audience are lovers of Gulder, BMW, MERCEDES and other leading automobile brands has captured the interest of millions, this is by no mean an accident.

If you want to capture your market, you surely need to filter your services or product for excellence.

If you intend to make a difference in your constituency, (Clients, colleagues, subordinates, and leaders), you must cultivate a habit of excellence that comes from periodic audit and filtration of  life.


Ayo Faleye

A writer

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